Visual Arts

Tinternvale Primary School offers an exciting Visual Arts program where every child participates in one sixty-minute session per week. The students are introduced to various mediums and techniques with a focus on inquiry, exploration and discovery.

Most Visual Art sessions include discussion, demonstration, making and creating, concluding with reflection, observation and feedback. The students are encouraged to explore the elements and principles of Art through drawing, design, 3 dimensional construction, painting, collage, printmaking and various other mediums and techniques.

Visual Art at Tinternvale Primary School aims to develop students’ creative problem solving abilities and encourage independent thought, providing students with the skills to express themselves and think creatively.  Students are encouraged to create high quality Artworks whilst developing their aesthetic education - understanding how to view Art.


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Term Dates 2019

Term 1   Thurs 31st Jan to Fri 5th April

Term 2   Tues 23rd April to Fri 28th June

Term 3   Mon 15th July to Fri 20th Sept

Term 4   Mon 7th Oct to Fri 20th Dec