The Arts

The Arts play an integral role at Tinternvale Primary School with every student participating in one sixty-minute session per week.


The Visual Arts program at Tinternvale Primary gives students the opportunity to explore and with guidance, use a variety of skills, techniques and processes involving modes of art making such as: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Construction, Modelling and Textiles.

Students are introduced to a variety of art elements including line, shape, colour, texture, pattern and form. They are encouraged to discuss and share their work and the work of other students and well-known artists. The emphasis is to provide students with key skills and techniques appropriate to each method, as well as having fun creating their own unique artworks.

Throughout the year students’ work will be exhibited around the school for family and friends to view.


Performing Arts covers Music, Dance and Drama through a wide variety of engaging activities. Students learn rhythm and beat skills and explore dramatic play and improvisation activities which provide further opportunities for them to develop and stretch their imaginations.


Each year there are multiple opportunities for students to perform, especially if they join Junior Choir, Senior Choir or the Specialist Singing Group. Groups perform at school events like the end of year Carols and our biannual whole school production. Students also perform at local kindergartens, aged care facilities and at various local events such as the Maroondah Festival and Oxfam Festival.



Virtual Art Exhibition


Throughout the remote teaching period of 2020, students and staff created impressive art work.  We hope you enjoy our Virtual Gallery tour.  You can click on the art works to see the artist's name (and grade for students).