Performing Arts


At Tinternvale Primary, students go to Performing Arts for one hour each week.  Performing Arts covers the Music, Dance and Drama curricula through a wide variety of engaging activities.  We make music with our voices and instruments, including the ukulele, xylophones, marimba and untuned percussion like claves, bells, maracas and tambourines.  


Students learn rhythm and beat skills, explore musical concepts like pitch, duration, dynamics and tone, as well as develop their understanding of and how to use elements of drama and dance.


Each year there are multiple opportunities for students to perform, especially if they join the Junior Choir, Senior Choir, or the Specialist Singing Group.  Groups perform at school events like the end of year concert and our school fete, visit local kindergartens and aged care facilities, and perform at various local events like the Maroondah Festival and Oxfam festival.  In 2020 we created amazing video performances for all students!


Every second year, students perform in a whole school production.  This includes opportunities for speaking and backstage roles, as well as every child on stage for multiple songs to sing and dance.  It’s a lot of fun, and we look forward to it!


In the other years, the students in year five and six perform in the senior school production.  This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and showcase the wonderful talents of our senior students.